The interfaces are higly specialized and the software and the use of it requires a certain set of hardware, personal skills and understanding.

We will help you with the installation of drivers and software, but you are responsible for the proper use of the interface.

Please read carefully the computer requirements for each interface. Sometimes you will need a specific windows version so the interface and program can work properly. Only then there will be no problems.

We can not offer support for using the software, reading and understanding the errors or even identification of controllers and so on. Sometimes some controllers or functionalities can not be used due to the different specifics of the different vehicles. Even if this is stated in the description! Please note that, because there are too many different configurations and options for the vehicles and we can not test everything! Even the manufacturer can not guarantee this!

Almost every interface can damage your vehicle, so you must learn how to use it first.

You can find informaton and tutorials how to use it in the forums and on youtube, but please always use the interface on your own risk!

We can not be held responsible if you damage your vehicle, if you don’t know what you are doing in the first place!!!